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Experiencing Hong Kong’s Super Typhoon Mangkhut

On our expat travels we've experienced a few hairy moments. There have been riots, petrol shortages, a political coup, contentious elections, minor earthquakes and an unexpectedly severe hail storm in Johannesburg. Now we can add Super Typhoon to the list. Toto, we are DEFINITELY not in Joburg any more. Typhoon Mangkhut blasted through Hong Kong on… Continue reading Experiencing Hong Kong’s Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Child's sketch Mile High Living gives your zombie skin
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Mile High Living: High Altitude Quirks

There are a few quirks to mile high living.  I covered the zombie skin you get during Johannesburg's crackling dry winter months in the post High Altitude, Dry Altitude, but there are are other things about life on the Highveld that you might be interested to know about.  Dry Altitude In addition to zombie skin, dehydration is something… Continue reading Mile High Living: High Altitude Quirks


Clouded Judgement?

Cloudy days are often considered less desirable than clear ones.  But I like cloudy skies and I've seen some stunning ones recently here in South Africa. For example, these sun kissed clouds are rather gorgeous. Then there are white clouds that contrast against otherwise blinding blue skies, which are also striking. My favourite clouds though, are the dark… Continue reading Clouded Judgement?

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All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

Yes, you heard that right, hail storms are a thing in Johannesburg. I said all hail, not all hell. It WAS biblical. After weeks and weeks of rainlessness in Johannesburg and much of South Africa... After weeks of drought and water restrictions... All    hail    broke    loose. It was a week night. My… Continue reading All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

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10 Ways to Avoid Being Struck By Lightning

Here are 10 ways to avoid being struck by lightning for anyone living in a lightning hotspot. As well as often giving us a four seasons in one day and the occasional crazy hail storm Johannesburg is one of the unofficial lightning capitals of the world. It’s not something I’d not thought too much about until… Continue reading 10 Ways to Avoid Being Struck By Lightning

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Four Seasons in One Day

Being British, it’s long overdue that I conform to my cultural stereotype and talk about the weather.  Despite living here in the Rainbow Nation, I think rainbows are just about the only weather phenomenon we have not yet experienced.  We have shivered on cold and frosty mornings.  We have sizzled, like sausages on a braai, under the baking… Continue reading Four Seasons in One Day

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Arctic Africa: A Johannesburg Winter

If you're wondering whether a Johannesburg winter is cold, the word on the street is that we are living in Arctic Africa this week. A cold front has whipped up here on chilly Cape Town winds. Winter is here. All in the Same Storm, Not all in the Same Boat Just to be clear, before… Continue reading Arctic Africa: A Johannesburg Winter