What was Hong Kong’s Biggest Super Typhoon like?


On our expat travels we’ve experienced a few hairy moments. There have been riots, petrol shortages, a political coup, contentious elections, minor earthquakes and an unexpectedly severe hail storm in Johannesburg. Now we can add Super Typhoon to the list. Toto, we are DEFINITELY not in Joburg any more.

Typhoon Mangkhut blasted through Hong Kong on Sunday 16th September 2018.  It was a sobering experience.  Mangkhut was bigger and stronger than hurricane Florence and had already wreaked heartbreaking havoc in the Philippines before hurtling across the South China Sea in our direction.

Windows were taped up.  Sandbags were deployed.  The bread shelves at the supermarket were bare.  Hong Kong was effectively on lockdown as only the brave or the very stupid would go wandering the streets in such violent weather.

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