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Expat Entrepreneurs: Lockdown Stories

While many businesses are struggling in these unusual times, this is a shoutout to 5 entrepreneurial expat/repat women who have launched exciting and diverse projects in spite of, or inspired by the corona crisis.

Read on to discover; a luxurious range of candles, a lifestyle book, handy lockdown apps, a crowdfunding scholarship and African inspired art prints and children’s books.

Even though these projects are the brainchildren of expats, they have appeal and relevance that belong in the wider world.

The Muses London

Luxurious and Sustainable Candles

supercharge candle brass container by the muses London expat entrepreneur Fiona Utting
Supercharge Candle by the Muses London

First up we have former expat Fiona Utting returned to the UK from South Africa with a big idea. She has now proudly launched The Muses London where she showcases her gorgeous, hand-poured soy candles.

Sustainability pared with luxury lies at the heart of this new business. The candles are both elegant and beautifully crafted. I can personally highly recommend them.

Niksen: The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing

A Lifestyle Book

Meet Olga Mecking, she is a well-known Polish expat writer who lives in the Netherlands, but often writes in English. Her new book Niksen: The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing moves beyond the expat trope and is available in several languages. Much like the Danish lifestyle concept of Hygge before it, Mecking has lifted the lid on the Dutch version, Niksen.

At first glance, launching a book at the height of a global pandemic sounds like madness. However, with content that sings the praises of the virtue of doing absolutely nothing, it was perhaps serendipitously timed at a moment in history when so many of us have an abundance of nothing to do.

Crowdfunding Scholarship

For an African American, African or Caribbean Writer or Illustrator

Next we have Sweden-based, American indie-publishing maven Lisa Ferland. She is offering a crowdfunding scholarship. To apply, you must be “an African American, African, or Caribbean writer or illustrator who has a great story and is interested in launching their book on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.” Closing date is August 15 2020.” Find out more here.

An Alphabet of Africa

African Inspired Art and Children’s Books

An Alphabet of Africa by Debi Beaumont Generation Xpat
Cover of An Alphabet of Africa by Debi Beaumont

Our next expat entrepreneur, Debi Beaumont previously lived in Australia and South Africa. Now living back in the UK, she has just opened her Etsy shop exhibiting some of her art and children’s books inspired by her time overseas.

Lockdown Apps for the UK and South Africa

Clarifying what you can and can’t do during different phases of lockdown

Finally, check out these handy lockdown apps. They are the creation of Emma Patel, a British graphic designer based in South Africa. These apps give a clear and simple traffic light graphic representation of what you can and can’t do during various stages of lockdown. Lockdown Bozza covers South Africa and the more recent Lockdown Boss covers the UK.


These are the lockdown silver linings projects I’m aware of having crossed paths with Fiona, Debi and Emma in South Africa and collaborated with Lisa and Olga on the book Knocked Up Abroad Again. However, please get in touch should you know of any other entrepreneurial expats or repats who have embarked on a brand new venture during these challenging corona times. Email me or drop me a comment below.


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