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Visit Cappadocia: Land of Beautiful Horses

Often referred to as Land of Beautiful Horses, Cappadocia is a magical region located in central Turkey. With secret passages, hidden caves and vats of wine to enjoy, there was a lot to like. What and Where is Cappadocia? Just over an hours’ flight away from awesome Istanbul, Cappadocia’s major draw is the unearthly lunarscape… Continue reading Visit Cappadocia: Land of Beautiful Horses

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Expat Life Istanbul: Evil Eye Nazaar Beads

What is a Nazaar Beads? What is the evil eye? We learned about this while living in turkey.

Expat Life, Istanbul, Turkey

The Expat Uphill Battle

  We moved to Istanbul at the back end of 2011.  As can only be expected, there were many hiccups, ups, downs and frustrating moments in those earliest days as we fumbled our way step by step.  But, of course, perseverance is key in the 'Expat Uphill Battle' and as each challenge is mastered, slowly… Continue reading The Expat Uphill Battle

Expat Life, Istanbul, Turkey

Time Warp Tuesday: Wrong Turn

August 2011 - Istanbul:  First Impressions  We're finally here all together after six long months of Mr Incredible having an horrendous bi-weekly Istanbul-London commute. It's hot and sunny and the children in particular are getting lots of warm smiles and attention from everyone.  Pickle especially attracts cries of "cok guzel" (pronounced choc-goozelle) and is often scooped… Continue reading Time Warp Tuesday: Wrong Turn