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Expat Life Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Rose tinted glasses soften and morph reality.  When it comes to expat life, from the outside our life may look perfect, but expectation and reality rarely tally. I didn't have actual rose tinted glass or lenses to use in my photographs, so in true expat style improvised with rosé filled ones. Yes, a certain amount… Continue reading Expat Life Through Rose Tinted Glasses


Sterling Work III

This is the last post about Jewellery making for the time being, I promise. Project 4: Multi-way necklace I saw a lady wearing this necklace: I thought is was stunning, so I made my own version: I think this is my favourite creation so far and I've had some kind compliments. Project 5: Lapiz Ring I decided… Continue reading Sterling Work III

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Sterling Work: Silver Jewellery Creations

Yesterday I detailed the first Hot Metal project I made at Jewellery School.  It took me months. I’m gradually speeding up and have since made a few more pieces. Project 2: Silver Collar Stiffeners This was a quick and easy project. I decided I would make a little something for my jewellery benefactor (Mr Incredible) to keep him sweet.… Continue reading Sterling Work: Silver Jewellery Creations

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Sterling Work: Johannesburg Jewellery School

South Africa is famous for its gold and platinum mines, for diamonds from Kimberly and Cullinan and also has limited silver mining.  So it’s a great place, to learn more about gems, metals and jewellery. In previous post, Hot Metal, I wrote about how I took up a shiny new hobby to help fill my time as an… Continue reading Sterling Work: Johannesburg Jewellery School