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A Truly Weird Wacky Week in Johannesburg

Life is rarely dull in Johannesburg, but some weeks are definitely more eventful and weirder than others, the week before last was a case in point.   MONDAY:  I nearly got washed off the road during a massive storm.  Water was streaming over the central reservation forming a downhill torrent.  Instead of going shopping, I went… Continue reading A Truly Weird Wacky Week in Johannesburg

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Africa After All 2. Here the Wild Things Are

South Africa absolutely embodies the techni-coloured Africa of fable where savage beasts roam, the venomous scuttle and slither and the birds kick off with a riotous party in the treetops every morning.  Everything is bigger, the birds, the bees, the bugs, the spiders and the snakes. I take The Cheese Thief out for a little stroll. The… Continue reading Africa After All 2. Here the Wild Things Are

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Beware of the Dragon

We are privileged to live in a beautiful bubble.  Our secure housing estate is a Garden of Eden throwback to our carefree 70’ and 80’s childhoods where children can ride their bikes and walk to the neighbours’ houses to knock for their friends. The Dragon  is one of our most notorious residents,no, NOT me,although I suspect Mr Incredible might… Continue reading Beware of the Dragon