Has Covid-19 Burst the Expat Bubble?

Anecdotally, the answer to has Covid-19 burst the expat bubble is that, for many, yes it has. Plenty of expats, like us, are still bobbing along, however, we know of other families whose expat bubble burst with a sudden bang, leaving the rose tinted glasses of their lives abroad shattered for good. There are several… Continue reading Has Covid-19 Burst the Expat Bubble?

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Bloom Where You Are Planted: 6 Surprising Cultural Transplants

Discover 6 surprising cultural transplants that have bloomed where they were planted, including; a flower, a tree, fabric, a bag, a lucky cat and the big man himself, Father Christmas!!!

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Thoughts on International Travel During Covid-19

International travel during covid-19 has taken a body blow. However, while many appear to be chomping at the bit to book their jolly summer holidays and get 'back to normal', I have to say I'm feeling confused and conflicted. Should we be hopping on a plane at the very first opportunity? In fact, should we… Continue reading Thoughts on International Travel During Covid-19

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Top 2020 Travel Destinations

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats. The weather at your destination is exactly the same as it is in your armchair. Conveniently, there is no need to set your watches, as your destination will be in the same time-zone. In the event of an emergency, such as the tv remote being out of reach, you slippers are located under your seat. So sit back and relax as we transport you to our top 2020 travel destinations...


Expat Pandemic Time Capsule 2020

And breathe....It has been a deathly quiet here on the blog.... Writing has been looooooow on the priority list. The main reason for Radio Silence, is that our kids last had face-to-face learning 23.01.2020. They returned to school yesterday, 29.09.2020. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is 8 months and spare change. Moreover, for the time being… Continue reading Expat Pandemic Time Capsule 2020


Hong Kong Travel during Covid-19

What a difference a year makes. In 2019 we were in the throes of First Year Frustrations and Expat End of Year Itus. In contrast, 2020 and the speedy spread of the coronavirus has blindsided pretty much everyone, everywhere on the planet. Travel and Covid-19 really are a match made in the seventh circle of… Continue reading Hong Kong Travel during Covid-19

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Expat Entrepreneurs: Lockdown Stories

While many businesses are struggling in these unusual times, this is a shoutout to 5 entrepreneurial expat/repat women who have launched exciting and diverse projects in spite of, or inspired by the corona crisis. Read on to discover; a luxurious range of candles, a lifestyle book, handy lockdown apps, a crowdfunding scholarship and African inspired… Continue reading Expat Entrepreneurs: Lockdown Stories

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Coronavirus in Hong Kong: Typhoon in a Teacup?

With the outbreak of the corona virus, how has life in Hong Kong has been disrupted? And is it just a typhoon in a tea cup or the end of the world as we know it?