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Going Downtown in Johannesburg

In my last post, Hats for Twins, I mentioned a shopping trip and some interesting underwear that was on sale in Downtown Jozi.  In any city, if you're prepared to get off the tourist trail with its well trodden attractions, you'll no doubt see all sorts of unusual and unexpected things. Johannesburg's Fashion District There was… Continue reading Going Downtown in Johannesburg


Hats for Twins: A Lesser Challenge of Expat Life

Buying decent undies when overseas is one issue many expat gals grapple with.  It falls under one of the 'lesser challenges of expat life' and yet the struggle is real.  It's often a top of the list shopping item when heading home on home leave.  In parts of the Far East you might be met… Continue reading Hats for Twins: A Lesser Challenge of Expat Life

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Shopping up a Storm

We’re off to a summer wedding in the UK quite soon and I need an outfit. It’s winter fashion all the way at the moment here in Jo’burg, so finding appropriate attire is a no-go. By the time we land back in the UK we will be hitting the tail end of the summer stock, which… Continue reading Shopping up a Storm

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The Hunt for Red October

“Please could you pick me up some new shoelaces if you’re going to the mall today?” Mr Incredible tossed the tiny challenge lightly over his shoulder on his way out the door. At face value this was one of Mr I’s most simple requests. Arriving at the mall I made a beeline for the first… Continue reading The Hunt for Red October