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All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

Yes, you heard that right, hail storms are a thing in Johannesburg. I said all hail, not all hell. It WAS biblical. After weeks and weeks of rainlessness in Johannesburg and much of South Africa... After weeks of drought and water restrictions... All    hail    broke    loose. It was a week night. My… Continue reading All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

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Four Seasons in One Day

Being British, it’s long overdue that I conform to my cultural stereotype and talk about the weather.  Despite living here in the Rainbow Nation, I think rainbows are just about the only weather phenomenon we have not yet experienced.  We have shivered on cold and frosty mornings.  We have sizzled, like sausages on a braai, under the baking… Continue reading Four Seasons in One Day