Expat Life Through Rose Tinted Glasses

rose tinted wine glasses

Rose tinted glasses soften and morph reality.  When it comes to expat life, from the outside our life may look perfect, but expectation and reality rarely tally.

I didn’t have actual rose tinted glass or lenses to use in my photographs, so in true expat style improvised with rosé filled ones.

Yes, a certain amount of rosé was consumed during the staging of the photos for this post.

Yes, it might have been even more fun to use actual human friends and share the wine, but it was tricky enough seeing tiny Lego people through a wine glass, so there we go.

This is what people back home often think expat life is like all the time.

Big house, flash car and time and money to fritter.


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5 Top Tips to Guide you when Buying Diamond Jewellery

South Africa is famous for diamonds.  Whether you are living here or just visiting, you will no doubt appreciate some guidance if you are in the market for a loose stone or piece of diamond jewelry.  These tips are useful wherever in the world you’re looking to buy.


Actual Road Sign in South Africa en route to Cullinan Diamond Mine!

Expat Michelle Morrow is passionate and well-informed about all things that sparkle and has learned a huge amount about the diamond industry whilst living in South Africa.  She kindly agreed to share her top 5 tips for buying diamonds with us. Continue reading

Diamonds on the Soles of My Shoes: Cullinan Diamond Mine

Road sign by dusty road with a diamondWell, maybe not diamonds, maybe just diamond dust.  Even that is probably wishful thinking having listened to all the checks and balances in place to mine and refine every nanogram of diamond matter blasted out of the famous Cullinan Diamond mine situated just a little over an hour from Johannesburg.  Looking to inject some sparkle into my week, I had joined 15 other expat ladies for a surface tour of Cullinan. Continue reading