Child's sketch Mile High Living gives your zombie skin
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Mile High Living: High Altitude Quirks

There are a few quirks to mile high living.  I covered the zombie skin you get during Johannesburg's crackling dry winter months in the post High Altitude, Dry Altitude, but there are are other things about life on the Highveld that you might be interested to know about.  Dry Altitude In addition to zombie skin, dehydration is something… Continue reading Mile High Living: High Altitude Quirks

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High Altitude, Dry Altitude

Jo’burg is located up on a plateau, known as the Highveld, which is some 1753 metres or almost 6000 ft above sea level. Yes, we live about a mile high. One of the things you quickly notice is that the air up here is crackling and dry, particularly in the winter months when rain is… Continue reading High Altitude, Dry Altitude