Hair Raising and Hair Razing Expat Experiences Abroad

Getting a hair cut should be a fairly simple procedure and yet I have found it to be one of the lesser known, but very real challenges of expat life.  Plenty of expat blogs cover all the obvious, big ticket hurdles to being a successful and happy expat: emotional resilience, repatriation, culture shock, depression, leaving well … Continue reading Hair Raising and Hair Razing Expat Experiences Abroad

I Am Peeing: Lost in Traslation

It's Time Warp Tuesday again. When we lived in Istanbul we all made an effort at learning Turkish.  Success was mixed.  I enjoyed my Turkish lessons, although - the more I learnt the more confused I got. Seemingly Turkish is grammatically more closely related to Japanese or Korean than to any European languages. Istanbul, December 2011 In Turkish … Continue reading I Am Peeing: Lost in Traslation

Does it get cold in Istanbul? : Time Warp Tuesday IV

Yes, it does… A lot of people associate Turkey with blistering sunshine, but it does get cold in many parts of the country. In fact, it may (or may not) surprise you to know that winter snow is not uncommon in Istanbul. If you didn’t know that it gets quite nippy, you wouldn’t be the only … Continue reading Does it get cold in Istanbul? : Time Warp Tuesday IV

Cultural Conundrums in Constantinople

November 2011 - Istanbul Sultanahmet is the original heart of old Constantinople, now Istanbul.  This is THE area that draws tourists in the by the coach load.  The magnets being Topkapi Palace, the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Basilica Cisterns, all located within spitting distance of each other. It is the stuff of fairy … Continue reading Cultural Conundrums in Constantinople

The Expat Uphill Battle

  We moved to Istanbul at the back end of 2011.  As can only be expected, there were many hiccups, ups, downs and frustrating moments in those earliest days as we fumbled our way step by step.  But, of course, perseverance is key in the 'Expat Uphill Battle' and as each challenge is mastered, slowly … Continue reading The Expat Uphill Battle

Time Warp Tuesday: Wrong Turn

August 2011 - Istanbul:  First Impressions  We're finally here all together after six long months of Mr Incredible having an horrendous bi-weekly Istanbul-London commute. It's hot and sunny and the children in particular are getting lots of warm smiles and attention from everyone.  Pickle especially attracts cries of "cok guzel" (pronounced choc-goozelle) and is often scooped … Continue reading Time Warp Tuesday: Wrong Turn