Life on the Move expat book anthology released June 2019.
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Life on the Move is Coming Soon

Life on the Move is a great project that I’m pleased to have played a tiny role in, alongside a formidable army of female writers.  Our stories have been collected into this exciting new anthology and I have to say, I can’t wait to read it.  I’m happy to tell you that there’s not long to wait, the book will be available mid-June 2019. 

The book is the brainchild of Lisa Webb (also known as Canadian Expat Mom).  She’s a phenomenally busy lady who has balanced yet another international move with family life,  a job, other publishing projects and a new business venture.  Check out her bio alongside all the other authors involved by visiting the Canadian Expat Mom website.

What’s LIFE ON THE MOVE about?

The unifying theme of the book is the ups and downs of life abroad, of a life lived on the move. This is the original brief set out in the call for submissions:

Bring me your highest high; your lowest low.

Living outside your passport country can both fill your heart, and break it; sometimes simultaneously. In sharing these experiences; we become a window into what it’s really like living abroad, and build a sense of community for the global village of adventurous souls who have travelled down the amazing, yet challenging road of life abroad!

I want to hear your story! Make us laugh, make us cry, or simply bring forward an experience that’s become your most jaw-dropping dinner party story. Because the most fumbled expat moments make for the best stories!

Add it to your summer reading list

The imminent release of this book is timed beautifully to coincide with the June/July exodus when many of our expat sisters will be on the move again.  It will definitely be on my summer reading list.  I will of course share the link with you when the book is live on Amazon so that you can add it to yours.

A Great Cause

All book royalties will be going to support the inspiring Mwana Villages in Congo.  This registered non-profit was founded by husband and wife team Cheryl Walker and Lambert Laki-Laka. Their mission is “empowering the vulnerable in Congo and beyond”.  Cheryl is one of the contributing authors to Life on the Move.

10 thoughts on “Life on the Move is Coming Soon”

  1. An exciting project and a great cause, I spent a year working in Brazzaville, which I really enjoyed despite not speaking too much French! I found the Congolese to be a very proud and friendly people.


    1. Thanks ExpatSteve. I’m not familiar with Congo. I’m better acquainted with West Africa and Southern Africa and lived there for cumulatively for 10 years, but I know quite a few of the writers involved have lived or do live there.

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