Clouded Judgement?

Cloudy days are often considered less desirable than clear ones.  But I like cloudy skies and I’ve seen some stunning ones recently here in South Africa.



For example, these sun kissed clouds are rather gorgeous.

Then there are white clouds that contrast against otherwise blinding blue skies, which are also striking.

My favourite clouds though, are the dark leaden ones that gather just before a storm and Johannesburg has some awesome storms during the summer months, so I get to see plenty of them.  You can snuggle up with a hot chocolate and watch them roll in as the wind whips up.


You can read more about our storms HERE.  The storms don’t always bring rain, we occasionally get hail too, you can see how sudden and violent they can be HERE.

So what’s your take on it?  Are you loving the clouds or do you always judge clear skies to be better?

9 thoughts on “Clouded Judgement?”

  1. I love the clouds in Joburg! I always look to the sky whenever I can. Sometimes it is the beautiful sunrise as we get up early for school. Or the sun set with it’s brilliant colors. The drama in the sky before a storm. A UK expat friend once remarked the thing that she loved about Joburg was the sky was so big. If you look through my photos on my phone and camera clouds come second only to my family. I also enjoy the FB group Cloud Appreciation Society. I like beeing able to name the different clouds.

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    1. So glad I’m not alone in my cloud appreciation. I might have to check out that FB group! Ditto, I seem to have far more pictures of the sky here than anywhere else I’ve lived. Another accolade for Jo’burg.


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