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Four Seasons in One Day

Being British, it’s long overdue that I conform to my cultural stereotype and talk about the weather.  Despite living here in the Rainbow Nation, I think rainbows are just about the only weather phenomenon we have not yet experienced.  We have shivered on cold and frosty mornings.  We have sizzled, like sausages on a braai, under the baking… Continue reading Four Seasons in One Day


Moving to Johannesburg: Getting Cosy in Jozi

  Johannesburg, Jo’burg, Jozi, Egoli or City of Gold has its beginnings rooted deep down in the rough and tumble of the gold mines.  With a reputation for violent crime and a notorious history of apartheid, many expats have grave misgivings about moving here. First Impressions of Life in Johannesburg Nevertheless, our first impressions are… Continue reading Moving to Johannesburg: Getting Cosy in Jozi