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The Princess and The Fish

The mysterious picture of a girl and a fish on a beach. Who is she? What kind of fish is she holding?

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Moving to Lagos? Get the Lowdown on the Lingo. (Part II)

As promised, here is Part II of my A-Z of Lagos Lingo.  If you haven't read Part I yet, click here. N-Z of Lagos Lingo N is for NEPA plc The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHC or PHCN) used to be called the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA plc).  Due to the frequent power… Continue reading Moving to Lagos? Get the Lowdown on the Lingo. (Part II)

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Action Barbie’s Failsafe Focaccia Recipe

It's possible that this will be the first and only recipe I'll ever share with you, but it's a goodie and has been a lifesaver over the years. I’m a reluctant cook and love to have a few cheeky tricks up my sleeve. When I say I’m a reluctant cook, preparing a meal for guests… Continue reading Action Barbie’s Failsafe Focaccia Recipe

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Alarmed by Smoke Alarms

We spent five years living in Lagos, Nigeria. To date, I’ve barely touched on our time there. It’s a chaotic and often frustrating place to live and it's difficult to know where to start as there are so many memories and mishaps to dust off.  As a first taster, I'm sharing one of the many (but far… Continue reading Alarmed by Smoke Alarms