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Family Road Trip in Namibia from Windhoek to Sossusvlei

I have still barely touched upon our magical trip to Namibia last December.  No, not Nambia, Namibia - ahem.  Sorting through our photographs recently, the vivid colours and surreal empty landscapes prompted me to finally get writing.  A visit to Namibia is highly recommended should you ever have the opportunity. Windhoek First stop Windhoek.  We… Continue reading Family Road Trip in Namibia from Windhoek to Sossusvlei

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Planning a trip to Victoria Falls?  Here’s what you need to Know

Victoria Falls is a gigantic earth rending waterfall, It's neither the highest, nor the widest in the world, but it's one of the most impressive (we were extremely impressed, EXTREMELY impressed).  Vic Falls also makes CNN's list of 7 Natural Wonders of the world.  If you have the opportunity, you should absolutely go. In my… Continue reading Planning a trip to Victoria Falls?  Here’s what you need to Know

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What Dr Livingstone saw – A trip to Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls has been inching up our bucket list since we moved to South Africa and finally made it to the top.  We followed in the footsteps of explorer David Livingstone, albeit in a great deal more comfort. There are plenty of things to do close to the falls dependant on water levels, your appetite… Continue reading What Dr Livingstone saw – A trip to Victoria Falls

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Discover Johannesburg’s Top Hikes

For a city as gritty as Johannesburg, you might be surprised to find out just how many fab hiking spots there are in and around it.  My friend, American expat Becci Monge has kindly written a guest post with her top local hiking picks. Becci got hooked on hiking last year when she decided (and by… Continue reading Discover Johannesburg’s Top Hikes

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Scorpion on the Line

  This is a passenger announcement.  Regular blog services are running late.  Normal service has been severely disrupted by The Christmas Holidays...and a scorpion on the line. Regular service will resume shortly. 2016 Top Blog Post Roundup In the meantime, just in case you missed them the first time around, the most popular 5 posts… Continue reading Scorpion on the Line

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Why Expat Partners are Quite Like Dung Beetles

There’s always a bit of a brouhaha when it comes to labelling or describing expat partners. A few of the titles used include Expat Spouse, Expat Wife, Trailing Spouse, Trailblazing Spouse, Lady of Leisure, Lady that Lunches, Guy that Golfs, Excess Baggage or as my husband endearingly calls me Expensive Habit. None of the terms is perfect and… Continue reading Why Expat Partners are Quite Like Dung Beetles

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The Princess and The Fish

The mysterious picture of a girl and a fish on a beach. Who is she? What kind of fish is she holding?

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Generation eXpat: From Statistician to Illustrator

It can be tough being the Trailing Spouse on an expat posting, there are times when you feel like you are the excess baggage.  The life and career you had built before is almost certainly on hold or possibly gone forever, particularly if you are not permitted to work in your host country and the… Continue reading Generation eXpat: From Statistician to Illustrator

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Chicken Dumps Pig: Headline of the Day

Living in Africa never fails to surprise you, there is something unexpected every - single - day.

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A Truly Weird Wacky Week in Johannesburg

Life is rarely dull in Johannesburg, but some weeks are definitely more eventful and weirder than others, the week before last was a case in point.   MONDAY:  I nearly got washed off the road during a massive storm.  Water was streaming over the central reservation forming a downhill torrent.  Instead of going shopping, I went… Continue reading A Truly Weird Wacky Week in Johannesburg