Family Road Trip in Namibia from Windhoek to Sossusvlei

I have still barely touched upon our magical trip to Namibia last December.  No, not Nambia, Namibia - ahem.  Sorting through our photographs recently, the vivid colours and surreal empty landscapes prompted me to finally get writing.  A visit to Namibia is highly recommended should you ever have the opportunity. Windhoek First stop Windhoek.  We … Continue reading Family Road Trip in Namibia from Windhoek to Sossusvlei

Backyard Safari

South African wildlife is off the scale, but you don't even have to go on safari to experience it, there is plenty (sometimes a little too much) right here in our neighborhood backyard. I've variously written about and/or where possible photographed the spiders, snakes, birds and the scorpion that we've encountered around the estate and … Continue reading Backyard Safari

The Big 4 – part III

Being in the bush can be slightly terrifying. There was an awful moment on our third game drive when I knew I was going to have to request a loo stop. It turns out everybody bursting and we all took turns to have a wild wee.  Even though we had been desperate to see a … Continue reading The Big 4 – part III

The Big 4 – part II

On our first game drive we saw elephants and a lion. Here we continue on our safari quest to spot the Big 5 (or in our case the Big 4). Game Drive 2: Guide: “What would you like to try to see today?” Us:       “A leopard please.” We set off with high … Continue reading The Big 4 – part II

The Big Four

Ages ago I wrote about spotting The Big 2.5 on safari. Yes, I realise that the idea is to spot the Big 5, but we only spotted half of them last time. You can read more about that little adventure HERE. We just had another bash in the bush recently and came away with a much … Continue reading The Big Four