The lost art of letter writing.
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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

If we're not careful The Lost Art of Letter Writing will soon be a reality. Today I received a handwritten card from a friend who is far away.  She's from New Zealand, I'm from the UK.  I currently live in South Africa and she recently moved from here to Asia. It made my day. The… Continue reading The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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Lost in Translation: Learning Turkish

When you're learning a new language, it's easy for things to get lost in translation. When we lived in Istanbul we all made an effort at learning Turkish.  Success was mixed.  I enjoyed my Turkish lessons. However, the more I learned the more confused I became. Seemingly, Turkish is grammatically more closely related to Japanese or Korean than… Continue reading Lost in Translation: Learning Turkish

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South African English: A Slightly Silly Post

South African English can be confusing. Throw in some slang, some unique words and a few derived from Dutch. Let us decode and translate some of those words that have been baffling you.