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Expat Christmas Carol: We Four Expats

Happy Christmas to one an all, especially to all you expat readers who are either scattering across the globe for the Christmas holiday, welcoming family to your far flung location or, for any of you reading this in 2020,  feeling utterly homesick and peed off.

Here’s a little Expat Christmas Carol to get you into the Christmas spirit. It’s set to the tune of We Three Kings with Lagos, Istanbul, Johannesburg and Hong Kong inspired verses.

wooden giraffe statue with red and white father christmas santa hat

We four Expats travel afar

Metro, funicular, airplane, car

Veldt and fountain, desert and mountain

Always seeking the next bright star


Glo-bal nomads we wander, eyes alight

Life of adventure and cultured delight

Potholes and roadblocks

Snakes and electric shocks

Running to catch the next flight


First we lived in The Centre of Excellence

Lagos is chaos, frustration immense

Monsoon, Harmattan, FourOneNine, golden sand    

Dashing’s a constant expense



Then we moved to famed Istanbul

History and food all part of the pull

Mosque and minaret, Bosphorus very wet

Of baklava we were full


Then our family moved to S.A.

They say Jo’burg’s dodgy, it’s really okay

City of Gold, vibrant and bold

Sunny almost every day

Hong Kong

Now we live in humid Hong Kong

It’s hot and it’s sweaty, you’re armpits might pong

Dim sum and typhoon, mid day gun fired at noon

may your noodles always be long

Merry Christmas to one and all

Our travels are far and our tales are tall

Expat life, is larger than life

Explore the world, have a ball


2020 arrived with a bang

we partied hard, rejoiced and sang

then came Covid, a year most horrid

We remember 2019 with a pang.

Chorus Oo-oh  nomads we wander, eyes alight

our home countries far out of sight

Potholes and roadblocks

Snakes and electric shocks

It’s a rollercoaster, hold tight

Don’t know the tune of We Three Kings?  Listen to the famous King’s College Choir, Cambridge singing it here.  Alternatively, check out our 12 Days of South African Christmas here or discover our theory on Santa’s Secret Hideaway here.

Where are you living and what verse would you add?

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