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Namibia – Know Before You Go

Almost ready for the off.  What else do we need to know?

We’re heading to Namibia quite soon (hoo-flipping-ray).  We can’t wait to climb the dunes, gaze at the stars or see the wildlife.  Everybody we know who’s been has given it 5* triple plus rave reviews.   Some of them have also given us some useful travel advice. These are the 5 brilliant know-before-you-go tips that they have shared with us so far.  

Petrol, Toilet Paper, Food and Drink

Before you set of on Namibia’s deserted roads make sure that you have a full tank of petrol and plenty of toilet paper, water and snacks.  Toilet paper isn’t something I’d have thought of packing, but as public facilities are virtually non existent en route it sounds pretty sensible.  I might add baby wipes to the list.

Two Spare Tires

Regarding car hire, don’t settle for anything less than a 4×4 with two spare tires, yes TWO spare tyres.  The roads are long, not necessarily tarred and a little lonely. Tires do get shredded and if you have a second blow out you could be waiting a long time before help arrives.

Warm Clothes

It can get cold in the desert, so pack some warmer clothes.  I am a creature of comfort, so I will be sure to pack accordingly.


Don’t touch or pick up dead snakes by the roadside.  Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean a klutz (comme moi) couldn’t accidentally envenomate themselves by handling a dead snake.  Although it’s a great tip, you can be sure that I have no plans whatsoever to approach anything serpentine whether dead, presumed dead or alive. In case you don’t know – I don’t like snakes and I’ve couple of encounters here in South Africa.

Camera Lenses

It’s better have two cameras rather than one camera and two lenses.  Swapping lenses over in sandy desert environment is not a great idea.  I don’t think I would have thought of this until it was too late.

So…what else do we need to know up front?  Is there anything essential that I should add to my packing list?  Let me know.  As you can see we are now at least prepared and plentifully stocked with loo roll.  

4 thoughts on “Namibia – Know Before You Go”

  1. I just got back from Sossusvlei so beautiful but flippin’ hot. By 8:30 it was already too hot to be out walking/climbing the dunes so start early. Agree about renting a 4×4. We had to rescue a tourist in a sedan who had a blowout and didn’t have the proper tool in his rental to change the tire so I would check that as well before setting out. Have a great time!

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    1. Great, yes we will plan to be up at the crack of dawn then. Is it quite pleasant in the evening/early morning in Sossuvlei or still quite hot? Thanks for the tip re checking that we have the right tools for changing a tyre! That’s quite important and again, it’s something I don’t think I’d have thought to check.


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