Does it get cold in Istanbul? : Time Warp Tuesday IV

Yes, it does…IMG_3372


Snow-covered palm tree. Fantastic.

A lot of people associate Turkey with blistering sunshine, but it does get cold in many parts of the country. In fact, it may (or may not) surprise you to know that winter snow is not uncommon in Istanbul. If you didn’t know that it gets quite nippy, you wouldn’t be the only one.

IMG_3721Plenty of Brits travel to Istanbul in the winter completely oblivious to the fact that it’s, well, winter.  For example….here’s a little anecdote that I jotted down in November 2011.

We had a cold snap recently where it dropped to about 5 Celsius. Returning to Istanbul from a few days in the UK, the plane touched down. As the doors opened a glacial gust blew in. I was snugly wrapped in a thick winter coat, but a number of the UK passengers looked horrified.


Random Male Passenger:                                           

It’s brass monkeys* out there and I haven’t got a coat with me!


Random Female passenger who was travelling entirely separately from Random Male Passenger:                                                                          

Well, I’ve packed 5 bikinis.


I hesitated a moment and then shared my joyful tidings:  

Apparently it’s forecast to snow this week. (Smugly snuggling further into winter coat).


The forecast snow never fell, but their faces most certainly did. Priceless.

*Brass monkeys is a much used British colloquialism meaning that the weather is cold enough to freeze the b*lls off a brass monkey, i.e.  It’s very cold.


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