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Why Expat Partners are Quite Like Dung Beetles

There’s always a bit of a brouhaha when it comes to labelling or describing expat partners. A few of the titles used include Expat Spouse, Expat Wife, Trailing Spouse, Trailblazing Spouse, Lady of Leisure, Lady that Lunches, Guy that Golfs, Excess Baggage or as my husband endearingly calls me Expensive Habit. None of the terms is perfect and… Continue reading Why Expat Partners are Quite Like Dung Beetles

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Do You Know Why Expats Drink Gin?

Find out why expats and gin and tonic are forever linked.

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Thokozani: A Happy Place

There is a great deal of poverty in South Africa and some expats choose to use their time here to do what they can to contribute to improving and empowering local communities through a variety of volunteer programs, fundraisers and initiatives.  All in all there are some fantastic expat projects going on. Today's guest post… Continue reading Thokozani: A Happy Place

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Generation eXpat: From Statistician to Illustrator

It can be tough being the Trailing Spouse on an expat posting, there are times when you feel like you are the excess baggage.  The life and career you had built before is almost certainly on hold or possibly gone forever, particularly if you are not permitted to work in your host country and the… Continue reading Generation eXpat: From Statistician to Illustrator

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Expat Ladies who Lunch

Do expat ladies who lunch have it easy? Or is there a little more to it than the seemingly spoiled gin soaked trailing spouses cackling their way through another lush meal?

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10 Reasons to have a Dog in Johannesburg

Shortly after arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa, we adopted a little rescue dog.  It turns out that despite my initial concerns and reservations, I'm actually quite pleased that we did. To be fair, most of the reasons I give for getting a dog apply to wherever you are in the world, but prior to arriving in… Continue reading 10 Reasons to have a Dog in Johannesburg


Hats for Twins: A Lesser Challenge of Expat Life

Buying decent undies when overseas is one issue many expat gals grapple with.  It falls under one of the 'lesser challenges of expat life' and yet the struggle is real.  It's often a top of the list shopping item when heading home on home leave.  In parts of the Far East you might be met… Continue reading Hats for Twins: A Lesser Challenge of Expat Life

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Expat Life: Expatting vs Backpacking

Expats and Backpackers listen up. What we do is not the same thing. Moving abroad and backpacking are worlds apart. Disclaimer: The following post is tongue in cheek.   I don’t have any prejudices against back-packers, it was rather a specific comment, by a specific person - known henceforth as Pinhead -  at a specific time,… Continue reading Expat Life: Expatting vs Backpacking

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The Expat Uphill Battle

  We moved to Istanbul at the back end of 2011.  As can only be expected, there were many hiccups, ups, downs and frustrating moments in those earliest days as we fumbled our way step by step.  But, of course, perseverance is key in the 'Expat Uphill Battle' and as each challenge is mastered, slowly… Continue reading The Expat Uphill Battle

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Time Warp Tuesday: Wrong Turn

August 2011 - Istanbul:  First Impressions  We're finally here all together after six long months of Mr Incredible having an horrendous bi-weekly Istanbul-London commute. It's hot and sunny and the children in particular are getting lots of warm smiles and attention from everyone.  Pickle especially attracts cries of "cok guzel" (pronounced choc-goozelle) and is often scooped… Continue reading Time Warp Tuesday: Wrong Turn