10 Reasons to have a Dog in Johannesburg

Shortly after arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa, we adopted a little rescue dog.  It turns out that despite my initial concerns and reservations, I’m actually quite pleased that we did.

To be fair, most of the reasons I give for getting a dog apply to wherever you are in the world, but prior to arriving in Johannesburg adding a dog into the mix had never been a serious consideration. Reasons 4 and 5 are particularly pertinent to people who have just moved (like expats) and probably reason 6 also.  Reasons 9 and 10 are two specific reasons that meant that getting a dog in Jo’burg was particularly appealing.  Here are my 10 Reason for getting a dog: Continue reading

Pound Hound

Mr Incredible has always been keen to have a dog, so, off and on since we’ve been here we have popped to the pound to ‘browse’.  Sweetpea was desperate each time to adopt on the spot and Pickle was keen to adopt…well all of them.  Me?  I was mostly a little bit luke-warm realising that ‘us’ acquiring a dog actually translated to a glittering new portfolio of responsibilities (walking/feeding/poop scooping etc) for ME during the week.  Continue reading