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Why Expat Partners are Quite Like Dung Beetles

There’s always a bit of a brouhaha when it comes to labelling or describing expat partners. A few of the titles used include Expat Spouse, Expat Wife, Trailing Spouse, Trailblazing Spouse, Lady of Leisure, Lady that Lunches, Guy that Golfs, Excess Baggage or as my husband endearingly calls me Expensive Habit. None of the terms is perfect and… Continue reading Why Expat Partners are Quite Like Dung Beetles

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The Suitcases are Packed

Suitcases. They are a part of our expat existence. Any expat wife worth her salt is able to balance an overweight item of hand luggage on her pinkie, sporting a winning grin in place of a grimace of agony. Packed lightly on the way home-home, our cases are crammed full of home country comforts on… Continue reading The Suitcases are Packed