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Thokozani: A Happy Place

There is a great deal of poverty in South Africa and some expats choose to use their time here to do what they can to contribute to improving and empowering local communities through a variety of volunteer programs, fundraisers and initiatives. ¬†All in all there are some fantastic expat projects going on. Today's guest post… Continue reading Thokozani: A Happy Place

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Expat Parenting: Choosing an International School

Choosing and International School system is a confusing headache. Parents everywhere want the best education for their children. ¬†However, when you move to a different country every few years, the decisions, trade-offs and problems multiply. An Expat Dilemma American School? British School? French School? German School? Local School? Home School? Boarding School? Anywhere-that-has-a-place-for-my-child-School? Which school… Continue reading Expat Parenting: Choosing an International School

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Liter of Light: Hey Kids, DO Try This Science Project

Today's Liter of Light post is actually an easy little science project to make with your kids at home or in a classroom setting.  It's simple, inexpensive and quick.  It's neither dangerous nor messy and most importantly it works!  We decided to do test out this project when we were living in Johannesburg, South Africa.… Continue reading Liter of Light: Hey Kids, DO Try This Science Project