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Fly Johannesburg to St. Helena

St Helena is an isolated island in the South Atlantic with a population of around 5000.  It was first discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1502 and is infamously where Napoleon was exiled to and died. Historically it has been exclusively accessible by boat, but that's about to change with the successful landing of the first test flight… Continue reading Fly Johannesburg to St. Helena

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48 Hours around Cape Town – Day 1

48 hours around Cape Town (and I say around, rather than in, because we barely visited Cape Town proper on this particular trip) is long enough to pack in an enormous amount of fun. We managed to keep the adults AND the children happy, which is no easy task.  Read on to find out how we… Continue reading 48 Hours around Cape Town – Day 1

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Expat Life: Expatting vs Backpacking

Expats and Backpackers listen up. What we do is not the same thing. Moving abroad and backpacking are worlds apart. Disclaimer: The following post is tongue in cheek.   I don’t have any prejudices against back-packers, it was rather a specific comment, by a specific person - known henceforth as Pinhead -  at a specific time,… Continue reading Expat Life: Expatting vs Backpacking

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Suitcase Shopping

Sweetpea has grown. Her old wheelie case now bobs along uncomfortably on the floor and bashes her leg with every step. Time to buy a bigger one… After examining every single case, pocket, locking system and colour available in the shop, she settled on a hot pink number, which we took to the counter. Meanwhile Pickle… Continue reading Suitcase Shopping

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The Great Trek: A Chaotic Air Travel Tale

Despite previous travel trials with the kids, I was almost looking forward to flying home this Christmas….almost.  A night flight with two well-seasoned little travellers, an unlimited supply of movies, plenty of white noise and a nip of wine (for me) to assist with fragmented sleep.  It should have been a piece of Christmas cake...… Continue reading The Great Trek: A Chaotic Air Travel Tale

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When in Rome

It’s always good manners to try to respect and - when possible - embrace any local traditions in your temporary home country. But what would YOU do if you were asked to join in the NokNok Celebration with Nzeddele tribe? At the end of the summer months South Africa’s little known Nzeddele Tribe gives thanks… Continue reading When in Rome

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In England’s Green and Pleasant Land

Whenever we’ve been away from the UK for any length of time, the last line of William Blake’s Jerusalem comes to me unbidden and starts looping in my head as the plane circles above a patchwork of luscious green landscape below. "In England's green and pleasant land" chimes over and over in a happy way.… Continue reading In England’s Green and Pleasant Land

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Not so Plane Sailing

Have you ever flown with children?  Have you ever flown on your own with children?  Don’t unless you have to.  It is the curse of the expat wife.  I remember somebody once asking my husband what it was like to fly with the kids.  “Oh, it’s no bother”, he replied breezily.  Yes, that would be… Continue reading Not so Plane Sailing

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The Suitcases are Packed

Suitcases. They are a part of our expat existence. Any expat wife worth her salt is able to balance an overweight item of hand luggage on her pinkie, sporting a winning grin in place of a grimace of agony. Packed lightly on the way home-home, our cases are crammed full of home country comforts on… Continue reading The Suitcases are Packed