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10 Tips for Air Travel with Toddlers

More specifically, top 10 travel tips for air travel with toddlers and babies from an Expat mum who has dealt with: multiple rapid nappy changes, explosive sneezes, a tiny Marshmellow Man child with an allergic reaction been peed on at 30,000 ft. If you'd like to read more about these delightful (I can laugh about… Continue reading 10 Tips for Air Travel with Toddlers

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Suitcase Shopping

Sweetpea has grown. Her old wheelie case now bobs along uncomfortably on the floor and bashes her leg with every step. Time to buy a bigger one… After examining every single case, pocket, locking system and colour available in the shop, she settled on a hot pink number, which we took to the counter. Meanwhile Pickle… Continue reading Suitcase Shopping

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The Great Trek: A Chaotic Air Travel Tale

Despite previous travel trials with the kids, I was almost looking forward to flying home this Christmas….almost.  A night flight with two well-seasoned little travellers, an unlimited supply of movies, plenty of white noise and a nip of wine (for me) to assist with fragmented sleep.  It should have been a piece of Christmas cake...… Continue reading The Great Trek: A Chaotic Air Travel Tale

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Not so Plane Sailing

Have you ever flown with children?  Have you ever flown on your own with children?  Don’t unless you have to.  It is the curse of the expat wife.  I remember somebody once asking my husband what it was like to fly with the kids.  “Oh, it’s no bother”, he replied breezily.  Yes, that would be… Continue reading Not so Plane Sailing