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Going Downtown in Johannesburg

In my last post, Hats for Twins, I mentioned a shopping trip and some interesting underwear that was on sale in Downtown Jozi.  In any city, if you're prepared to get off the tourist trail with its well trodden attractions, you'll no doubt see all sorts of unusual and unexpected things. Johannesburg's Fashion District There was… Continue reading Going Downtown in Johannesburg

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Africa After All 1. Local Advertising

“What does it say on all those posters? Please slow down so that I can read one of them.” This is just what you want your mother-in-law to point out when she’s visiting isn’t it? I’m talking about the mini posters stuck on lamp-posts and roadside electrical boxes citywide in Johannesburg. The Abortion number plastered… Continue reading Africa After All 1. Local Advertising

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When in Rome

It’s always good manners to try to respect and - when possible - embrace any local traditions in your temporary home country. But what would YOU do if you were asked to join in the NokNok Celebration with Nzeddele tribe? At the end of the summer months South Africa’s little known Nzeddele Tribe gives thanks… Continue reading When in Rome