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Suitcase Shopping

Sweetpea has grown. Her old wheelie case now bobs along uncomfortably on the floor and bashes her leg with every step. Time to buy a bigger one…

After examining every single case, pocket, locking system and colour available in the shop, she settled on a hot pink number, which we took to the counter. Meanwhile Pickle was covetously stroking a blue version mumbling to himself (or possibly to the bag?), that he would have that one when he had grown a bit more.

However, during final quality control, we realised the zip on the pink bag was faulty. “It’s fine” said the cashier. “Look, it still works if you jiggle the zip”.

“It’s not fine” said Mr Incredible firmly. “If it’s already faulty, the problem will only get worse. Sweatpea, pick another colour. “

She sauntered back to the display stand.  “Okay, I’ll have this blue one”, she said, simultaneously plucking aforementioned coveted bag from Pickle’s loving embrace in one easy movement.

Pickle:         “NOOOOOOOOO, the blue one is for me when I grow.” Changing tactics he loops round her and wheedles: “How about the green one? Yes? The green one is nice?”

Sweetpea:     “No, I don’t like the green, I’ll have the blue.” She heads back to the counter clutching the blue bag (she knows full well that possession is nine tenths of the law).

Pickle:           “But I’ve said I want it.” Bottom lip wobbles.

Sweetpea:    “Oh for goodness sake, when you’re my age I’m sure they’ll have restocked” Flounces to till.

Mr Incredible:   “Are you really really sure this is the one you want?” Sweetpea nods. “Because you’re going to be using it until you’re 50.”  Sweetpea suddenly looks uncertain. This is a more monumental decision than she had bargained for.

We buy the blue case.

The minute we get home I hear the tell-tale sounds of the new bag being dragged upstairs to the girl-cave. We’re popping off for the weekend and this time it’s Sweetpea who has already packed her new bag.

Not to be outdone, Pickle has packed two.


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