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All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

Yes, you heard that right, hail storms are a thing in Johannesburg. I said all hail, not all hell. It WAS biblical. After weeks and weeks of rainlessness in Johannesburg and much of South Africa... After weeks of drought and water restrictions... All    hail    broke    loose. It was a week night. My… Continue reading All Hail just Broke Loose in Johannesburg

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Dragon Sighting

I saw the Dragon. It didn’t breath fire, but it startled me. Fat and serpentine, it was sunning itself on the path ahead. It was in fact the large monitor lizard that lives in our estate. Its distinctive blue and yellow markings were clearly visible in the sunshine. Trying to restrain an over excited Cheese… Continue reading Dragon Sighting

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Iron Rule

Here in Africa we have an Iron Rule. It’s nothing to do with government control or military states. It’s to do with the state of electrical appliances, irons in particular. The Iron Rule is as follows: In Africa, 1 Iron will last 1 year.   Then it will explode, fuse the house/entire neighbourhood or occasionally, without… Continue reading Iron Rule

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Africa After All 2. Here the Wild Things Are

South Africa absolutely embodies the techni-coloured Africa of fable where savage beasts roam, the venomous scuttle and slither and the birds kick off with a riotous party in the treetops every morning.  Everything is bigger, the birds, the bees, the bugs, the spiders and the snakes. I take The Cheese Thief out for a little stroll. The… Continue reading Africa After All 2. Here the Wild Things Are

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Africa After All 1. Local Advertising

“What does it say on all those posters? Please slow down so that I can read one of them.” This is just what you want your mother-in-law to point out when she’s visiting isn’t it? I’m talking about the mini posters stuck on lamp-posts and roadside electrical boxes citywide in Johannesburg. The Abortion number plastered… Continue reading Africa After All 1. Local Advertising

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Africa Lite

Plenty of expats constantly roll their eyes, and chant T.I.A., (This Is Africa), when things don’t function as they should do here in South Africa. But for those of us who have lived elsewhere on the Dark Continent, we are a little more sanguine. In fact, we smugly role OUR eyes and reassure them that… Continue reading Africa Lite