Four More Entrepreneurial Expats

Recently I wrote about entrepreneurial expats who were doing new things in these interesting times, the silver linings of a tough year. Here are four more chinks of light in the dark 2020 tunnel, four more entrepreneurial expats who have been busy launching new projects and having lightbulb moments. Two have established businesses, the other two are newbie entrepreneurs.

The Therapist turned Children’s Author

The Chameleon who couldn’t Change his Colours – Image used with kind permission of Brenda Leemans.

Brenda Leemans is a South African who spent time living in the UK. An experienced counsellor, she now runs her own Play Therapy practice back in Johannesburg. In these times where everybody’s mental health has taken a huge knock, she has released her first children’s picture book with the underlying purpose of addressing anxiety.

The Chameleon who couldn’t Change his Colours is Set in South Africa’s Karoo desert and is available on Amazon. However, if you’re in South Africa, you can order from Brenda direct.

The Chameleon who couldn’t change his colours is a wonderful introduction to counselling or therapy for children of all ages. It’s also a story to teach children the importance of talking about their feelings and helps them to feel less anxious about their differences and struggles.

The Needlesmith

Image used with kind permission of Kate Yates at ‘Stitched It’.

Kate Yates has been producing lovely bunting, Christmas decorations and other small items for expat communities around the world for years. However, with extended time at home in 2020, she’s finally decided to go professional with the launch of her new business Stitched It.

Currently based in Hong Kong, her initial offerings include tote bags and cushion covers made with gorgeous Hong Kong inspired fabrics.

The Travel Expert

British expat Amy Overy owns a travel business in Hong Kong. With international tourism grinding to a halt overnight, she’s been exploring alternative ways to share her passion for the city.

New avenues have included designing tours for the local market, virtual tours for the US market and the launch of the company’s first physical product in the form of a beautifully designed treasure hunt trail map, with clues to crack to solve a mystery. Packed with fun facts, these Hong Kong Quests which are self-guided treasure hunts designed to work with or without social distancing guidelines.

The Fledgling Publisher

Tents pitched at campsite not untethered Expat Life is like camping.
This photo first appeared on the post Johannesburg’s Top Hikes.  Credit Becci Monge.

Becci Monge hails from the US and is living in the UK after stints in Australia and South Africa. She’s just launched her new company Becci Publishing and has rolled out 3 short ebooks celebrating Advent. Becci previously guest posted on the blog when she shared her tips on hiking in Johannesburg after training for and successfully completing a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro.

If you’re an expat and you’re doing something entrepreneurial, or you know an expat who’s doing something new and interesting please get in touch.

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