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Top 2020 Travel Destinations

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats. The weather at your destination is exactly the same as it is in your armchair. Conveniently, there is no need to set your watches, as your destination will be in the same time-zone. In the event of an emergency, such as the tv remote being out of reach, you slippers are located under your seat. So sit back and relax as we transport you to our top 2020 travel destinations...


Hong Kong Travel during Covid-19

What a difference a year makes. In 2019 we were in the throes of First Year Frustrations and Expat End of Year Itus. In contrast, 2020 and the speedy spread of the coronavirus has blindsided pretty much everyone, everywhere on the planet. Travel and Covid-19 really are a match made in the seventh circle of… Continue reading Hong Kong Travel during Covid-19


Win a copy of Culture Smart! Mexico

¡Ay, caramaba!, next up in our series of monthly book giveaways is a copy of Culture Smart! Mexico. Read on to find out how you can win our October 2019 book giveaway.     October 2019 Book Giveaway It's Competition Time Next up is a copy of Culture Smart! Mexico. Below is a photo of… Continue reading Win a copy of Culture Smart! Mexico

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Win a Copy of Culture Smart! South Africa

As the nights draw in in the Northern Hemisphere you may be contemplating curling up with a book. Equally, as spring blooms in the Southern Hemisphere perhaps you are longingly eyeing your poolside lounger and dreaming of five minutes peace for quiet reading session. It's your lucky day. We're hosting a series of monthly book… Continue reading Win a Copy of Culture Smart! South Africa

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Out of Africa, Farewell to Johannesburg

After 5 years in South Africa and a total of 10 in Africa moving on is bittersweet.


An Expat A-Z, From New to Zoo

Continuing from part I of the A-Z of expat life, which covered 'Armpit of the Earth' to 'Moving' here is the rest of the A to Z covering 'New' to 'Zoo'. N is For New New experiences, homes, languages, countries and cultures.  Embrace the newness. N is also for Next Life As in those wistful… Continue reading An Expat A-Z, From New to Zoo

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Africa After All 3. Hands Free

In urban areas of Johannesburg, pushchairs (strollers or buggies) are often impractical.  They probably would not be welcome on precarious mini-bus taxi rides, neither are they suited to some of the non-existent pavements or uneven roadside verges.  I also imagine that for many, the cost of pushchairs is prohibitive (if you had to choose between buying a pushchair… Continue reading Africa After All 3. Hands Free