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The Escape Room Phenomenon hits South Africa

I’m always looking for new things to do and now I’ve found a great way to escape FROM Johannesburg IN Johannesburg.

Escape room johannesburg, keys, codes and mysteries.

Escape rooms (also known as puzzle rooms) are already massively popular in many big cities around the world.  Johannesburg, South Africa is no exception.  Here’s our list of Johannesburg’s Escape Rooms.  Which one will you pick?

What is an Escape Room?

If you haven’t heard of an escape room, let us quickly explain.  An escape room is an immersive experience where you and your team mates are locked in a themed room.  To escape, you have an hour to solve a creative series of clues and puzzles.  You might encounter switches, torches, keys, combinations, magnets or codes and secret rooms.  In fact the only limit to the challenges  in the room is the creator’s imagination.   In a nutshell, it’s brilliant fun.

If you’re puzzled about what you should do for your birthday, bachelor party, corporate team building, girls’ night out in Johannesburg, read on.   Here’s a great list telling you more about these exciting and intriguing attractions, wherein Johannesburg you’ll find them and how you can book now.

Escape Room

Escape Room is based in Dunkeld West.  You have a lot of clues and problems to work through within the hour, but each one is relatively quick to solve and you can manage with as few as two players.  Our team successfully escaped from the room Disappearance.  The second room  is called Mine Escape. 

Hashtag Escape

Hashtag Escape has fewer problems to solve than Escape Room, but they are far more challenging and obscure and the minimum team size of three people reflects that. We ALMOST escaped from Rebel Room leaving us even more determined to return for Hack Out is a hacker themed room and Closure is a spooky paranormal themed one.  They are all brilliantly immersive.  Find out more here.

HashtagEscape is in Norwood which is a pleasant suburb if you haven’t been before. There’s a fab little coffee shop just over the road called Loof. It’s the perfect spot for pre or post-Hashtag Escape coffee.

Escape room Johannesburg, riddle of the map.


This one’s based in Rivonia.  Lost Land has three different escape rooms, Castle Secret, Mission Impossible and Prison Break.  It untested by us, but we’ve heard good things..


Was based in the Thrupps Centre in Illovo, but is temporarily closed while they hunt for new premises.  Rooms on offer include the John Monroe Room or the Zen room.  This one is hard.  We visited the Zen room as a team of six. Find out more information here. Hint Hunt Cape Town is still open for business as usual.

Update May 2019:

These two places appear to have closed, but if you know otherwise, please share the up to date link or contact.  Thanks.

Clued In Escape Room

Clued In in Parkview.

I Challenge U Escape Room

I Challenge U based in Ferndale,  Randburg – they have two rooms, Enigma and Professor’s Revenge.


Escape Rooms are immersive, fun, sociable and brilliantly clever.  As word spreads I’m sure the most popular time slots are going to get booked up quickly.

Any questions?  Any escape rooms that should be added to this list.  Please get in touch and we can add them.


An outdoor alternative to An Escape Room

If you enjoy escape rooms, check out Johannesburg’s Honeydew Mazes.  They have a similar appeal.


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