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These Easter Eggs are a No-Glow

We haven’t had any blackouts here in our neck of Johannesburg for a while (fingers crossed, touch wood, famous last words), nevertheless South Africa is now fully prepared for Easter next week should the power go off.

Loadshedding Eggs 1

Load Shedding Easter Eggs are glow in the dark eggs.  Small torches are included in the box to help you hunt for the eggs in the dark.  It sounds like a fun idea.

However, entertaining as they are, these load shedding eggs have a fatal flaw, a catastrophic flaw in fact.

Look closely and what do you see?

Loadshedding Eggs 2

Can you can see what’s inside the eggs?

Jelly beans.

Therefore, what can you not see inside the eggs?


There’s no flipping chocolate.

Yes, I am sad to report that these glow in the dark eggs are filled with jelly beans rather than chocolate.  Not an iota of chocolate in sight.   No milk chocolate, no dark chocolate, no glow-in-the-dark chocolate.

For me, an Easter egg without chocolate is like meat without salt, like Christmas without gifts (obviously I mean family, not gifts, honestly) or like a book with the last chapter missing.  You get the drift.

Brilliant gimmick, poor execution.  Merit points for effort though.

Dear Glow-in-the-Dark-Egg-Manufacturers, next time PLEASE add chocolate – as much chocolate as you can fit into one of those little plastic eggs.  Alternatively, you may make the eggs larger and THEN fill them with chocolate – that would also be acceptable.  In fact that would be even better.  Thank you and that is all.

*If you haven’t heard of load shedding before, it’s a name for planned (even if they are planned at extremely short and inconvenient notice) power outages which are to stop the national power grid from being overwhelmed and completely falling to bits.  It was an ongoing problem in South Africa last year.  I wrote about it here, here and here.

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