Scorpion on the Line


Did you ever hear the story about Thomas the Tank Engine and the scorpion?  It’s got a sting in the tail.

This is a passenger announcement.  Regular blog services are running late.  Normal service has been severely disrupted by The Christmas Holidays…and a scorpion on the line.

Regular service will resume shortly.

In the meantime, just incase you missed them the first time around, the most popular 5 posts on Expatorama in 2016 were:

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  5.  Which School? An Expat Parenting Dilemma


The scorpion has now thankfully left the building and I’m busy working on some brand new posts for 2017.

The Escape Room Phenomenon hits South Africa

I’m always looking for new things to do and now I’ve found a great way to escape FROM Johannesburg IN Johannesburg.

Keys, codes, intrigue and mystery – can you escape?

Escape rooms (also known as puzzle rooms) are already massively popular in many big cities around the world and Johannesburg had two relatively newly opened escape room companies that I had already visited when I first wrote this post.  There are now five separate escape room companies (that I’m aware of) operating in Johannesburg, so I’m updating the post to reflect all the escape room options you can choose from.  You will find links to all the escape room companies at the bottom of the post.

If you’re puzzled about what you should do for your birthday/bachelor party/corporate team building/girls night out, read on to find out more about these exciting and intriguing new attractions, where they are and how to get booked in.

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