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Random Johannesburg Roundup

It’s silly season.  The carol reel is looping in the shops, the Christmas biscuits in pretty tins have been shining on the shelves for weeks and everything has gone into warp speed with the end of the year looming.  Contractors and government departments will imminently shut up shop for the long Christmas holiday. Sitting down to write keeps dropping down the priority list.

However, this week I’ve come across 5 random things which I’ve cobbled together into a short post to share with you.

I’m calling it my Random Jo’burg Roundup.

1. Genius Gift Idea:  You might remember me telling you about the power cuts we had during the winter months and the culinary (and other) challenges they posed.  You can read about our power cut problems here, here and here.

Yes, the power has been much much more reliable for weeks now, but winter will be back next May/June, so we need to stay prepared.  Well, it looks like good old Woolworths has risen to the challenge and produced a book specially for power cut cooking.

unplugged cook book
Glow in the Dark Power Cut Cook Book

I just love the fact that it’s glow in the dark.  


2. Unusual Bathroom sign:  It worries me that the shopping centre management felt the need to put this sign up.  It implies that somebody was caught doing their personal ablutions.

Bathroom Notice


3. Cheap bread diarrhoea!:  I couldn’t get a picture because I was driving, but I spotted this intriguing and slightly revolting headline on a lamppost yesterday morning.


4. Saucy Sauce:  I’m not clear whether it’s a gimmick name or a dodgy translation, but this was on supermarket shelves last week.

we rub you
Saucy Sauce


5. Controversial Literature:  Goodnight Moon is a timeless and soothingly soporific picture book for small children (and tired parents of small children).

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this alternative version.

I’m not surprised that it’s written by Anonymous.

goodnight zuma
By Anonymous

Have you seen anything random in Jo’burg this week?  Let me rephrase that.  What is the most random thing you have seen in Jo’burg this week?

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