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Going Downtown in Johannesburg

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Jo’burg has a lot of urban art.

In my last post, Hats for Twins, I mentioned a shopping trip and some interesting underwear that was on sale in Downtown Jozi.  In any city, if you’re prepared to get off the tourist trail with its well trodden attractions, you’ll no doubt see all sorts of unusual and unexpected things.

Johannesburg’s Fashion District

There was plenty more to relish in Downtown Jo’burg starting in the Fashion District…


From a freakishly tall mannequin modelling the latest in safety workwear, to plenty of colourful fabrics and fashions and even a giant pair of beaded high-tops, there are plenty of photo opportunities.



Moving just down the road to the area called Newtown, there was an abundance of street life.  It’s a colourful and bustling neighbourhood.  I particularly liked meeting the older ladies.  They were dressed up with hats on having a drink and a gossip in Museum Africa.  They kindly posed for a photo.  I’m not sure what the hats were for.  I asked whether they were on a church outing.  They didn’t seem to be completely sure what kind of outing they were on, but they were certainly enjoying themselves.

In the surrounding streets there was an eclectic range of wares for sale.

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Hot Item

At the bargain price of 4, yes FOUR delightfully frilly toilet seat covers for only 120 Rand, a number of friends ALMOST got one of these for Christmas.  Sadly for them, I missed my opportunity as we took an alternative route back to the car park avoiding these beauties.

Don’t forget to look up.  You might see something interesting above street level.

IMG_2418 2
I wonder which 99 diseases he treats?

You can visit a traditional healer like Doctor Saad or alternatively stock up on these special salts which are used to ward of evil spirits.  The label implies the salt will work, not only on tokoloshes (which are evil sprites from Zulu mythology), but also on ghosts, witches and any other undesirable evils that you may encounter in your home or daily life.  According to the lady in the shop, you sprinkle the salt liberally about the house every few months.

jars of tokoloshe salt or thikoloshi salt for sale in Newtown Johannesburg

Take a Walking Tour in Johannesburg

These are just a few of the things you might see in Downtown Jozi.  So, what do you think?  Are you interested in checking out Johannesburg’s roads less traveled?  If so, there are plenty of reputable companies that offer walking and/or biking tours of parts of the inner city and townships.

Here are a couple to get you started: Main Street WalksPast Experiences or Soweto Bicycle Tours.

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