Kung Hei Fat Choy



Happy Chinese New Year or Kung Hei Fat Choy as they say in Hong Kong. In recent days the city has been a riot of festive colour.  Red and gold, gold and red.

Flowers and plants are integral to giving your home a festive feel.  The flower markets have been insanely busy, the pavements became Battle of the Bouquets and people were seemingly transporting home forests’ worth of greenery on public transport.


We are learning the etiquette of giving Lai See packets, beautiful paper envelopes with money and who we should or shouldn’t give them to and how and when we should present them.  It’s a bit of a cultural minefield, but hopefully as foreigners we will get a bit of leeway if we get it wrong.


We are still hoping to catch a traditional dragon or lion dance over the coming days.

There are pigs, pigs and more pigs to welcome in the Year of the Pig.  Giant plastic pigs, pigs on calendars and even porcine themed jewellery.


If you have ever wanted a gold piggy necklace, let me know they as are available in shops right now.


Wishing you a happy and prosperous Year of the Pig.

2 thoughts on “Kung Hei Fat Choy

    • Expatorama says:

      Thanks so much, the colours are stunning, I wish I’d taken photos with a better camera. Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, it’s worn by brides as it also represents happiness and is thought to ward off evil. Gold signifies wealth and prosperity.

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