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Hilarious South African Signs: Penguins, Potholes, Peeping Toms

Here are just a few of the most unusual and memorable signs we’ve encountered in South Africa.  In many ways they reflect our experiences here.

Always Expect the Unexpected

…and in South Africa always expect wildlife, anywhere and everywhere at any time.

Watch out for the poor little penguins.

There are many frustrations to expat life, often we find they can be a little more frustrating yet when in Africa.

Road sign in Johannesburg South Africa saying please don't kill us
So frustrating.

When the powers that be decided to dig up ALL the roads at once. It caused chaos and road rage for months on end. This sign was their effort to placate frustrated road users. T.I.A.

South Africans have a Great Sense of Humour

Having said that, this sign displays slightly borderline and creepy humor.  Or should that be peepy humor?

A sign at Beau Constantia Vineyard.


As Expats we Have to Face our Fears Every Single Day when living in a Strange New Place

Many of these fears are unfounded, but snakes are scary, beware of snakes, especially because (as I’ve already said) in South Africa you must expect wildlife anywhere and everywhere at any time.

Beware of snakes sign in South Africa
Here the Wild Things Are, it’s Africa After All.


5.  Its’ a sad fact of life that wherever in the world you are, people prey on the vulnerable and insecure.

These adverts are all over Johannesburg.  I wonder who calls these numbers?


6.  South Africa is famous for it’s gold and diamond mines.  One of the best things I’ve done South Africa is sign up for Jewellery School (and okay I work with silver and semi-precious stones rather than gold and diamonds) but it’s been a great way to broaden my social network and learn a unusual new skill.

This most excellent road sign is on the way to the famous Cullinan Diamond Mine.


7. Dung beetles are the most awesome little creatures and should definitely not be run over by cars – they are the absolute best at sorting sh*t out, just like expat partners.

At the entrance to Madikwe Game Reserve.  Especially watch out for the dung beetles rolling their balls.

Which sign is your favorite and why?

What’s the most bizarre signage you’ve come across wherever in the world you are?

4 thoughts on “Hilarious South African Signs: Penguins, Potholes, Peeping Toms”

  1. Oh my goodness, these are brilliant! My favorite is the “Please don’t kill us” sign. It’s funny, yet true. I always find the signs that warn against falling to be rather hilarious. They’re different in every country, and seem to portray each particular country in a way no other sign could.


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