Epic Namibia – Go. See. Do. Be.


Namib Rand Nature Reserve and Nice Sticky Finger Print on the Lens.

Epic is the only word to describe the vast, untouched and immensely photogenic Namibian landscape.   The open space and the scale of the diverse scenery is mind boggling .

Would I want to live somewhere so remote? Not on your Nellie. Would I visit again? In a heartbeat.

There is more, so much more to write about Namibia, but here’s a quick summary of our highlights:

We had red sand in our pockets

Golden dune sand in our shoes

Epic landscapes stretched forever

Got the post Namibia blues


Sunset Shadows on the Red Sands of the Namibrand Desert

Drank a Windhoek beer in Windhoek

Saw fairy circles, oryx, stars

Got a flat tyre in the desert

‘Cos roads are gravelly, not tarred


Scoffed apple pie in Solitaire

Drove to the farm that time forgot

But the sunset was to die for

And the weather roasting hot


The Farm that Time Forgot

There was action and adventure

Dune-boarding downwards at high speed

Quads and camels in the desert

Thankfully no pants were peed


Golden Dunes – Swakopmund, Namibia

Pelicans, seals and flamingoes

Champagne and oysters out at sea

A tall burly German sea captain

A lonely shipwreck and seaweed


A return trip in the planning?

Plenty more things to be done

Salt pans, ghost towns and cave rock art

Explore a whole new can of fun

When planning for our trip I  collected 5 essential ‘know-before-you-go’ tips for travelling to Namibia from friends who had already been, it’s worth a quick read if you’re planning a holiday there.  We found them useful, number 5 would never had occurred to us.

Namibia is epic.  

Go.  See.  Do.  Be.


Epic Namibia – Go. See. Do. Be.


Planning a trip to Namibia?  Check out our family road trip highlights.  We travelled from Windhoek to Sossussvlei and then headed on to Swakopmund.

11 thoughts on “Epic Namibia – Go. See. Do. Be.

    • Expatorama says:

      Thanks Joan. The desert is stunning. I’ve never been anywhere quite like it. So beautiful and peaceful and a surprising amount of plant, insect and animal life. It’s hard work hiking up the dunes in the heat. Our kids preferred Swakopmund with all it’s adventure activities.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Expatorama says:

      Cheers Amanda. It really was an adventure – all of it, but especially the bit where I clocked 52kpm hurtling down the dunes on a flimsy bit of ply board. I highly recommend everything we did, even staying at the ‘Farm that Time Forgot’ and getting up ridiculously early to get to Sossusvlei to climb a big red dune.

      Liked by 1 person

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