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Don’t Worry, Only the Cows Can See You


loo with a view
Loo with an Unexpected View

I think this must be the first ever loo I’ve visited with floor to ceiling windows. They were neither opaque or frosted. It was completely disconcerting. There’s a nice trough below the window. It encourages the resident Nguni Cattle to come close and eyeball you. With their wide handlebar horns and barrel chests they are a distinctive sight to behold.

It’s enough to give you stage fright.

Loo with a view, poo with a moo, but don’t worry, only the cows can see you.

You too can visit this loo. Drop by the Blueberry Cafe in South Africa’s Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands. Their food is tasty, the views delightful and there’s a nice little gift shop to boot.

Have you come across any loos with unusual views?



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