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Discover Johannesburg’s Sci Bono Discovery Centre

Children's party at Sci Bono Discovery Centre Johannesburg

Sci Bono Discovery Centre is situated in an old power station in Johannesburg’s Newtown. We’ve taken our kids a few times and they love it.  We hosted a birthday party there this morning, which included a guided tour of the best bits and an awesome exploding science show.  Quite a few of our guests had never been, which made me realise that plenty of Jo’burgers have never checked this place out.

This is why you should:

Learn at Sci Bono

It’s education packaged in a thrilling way.  There are huge dinosaurs that move and roar, lots of buttons to press, mirrors, puzzles and microscopes.  The kids construction zone with hard hats, high vis jackets, foam bricks and girders is enormously appealing to budding builders.  It’s not unusual to see small children lying on the floor refusing to move because they ‘want to watch the toy trains forever’. There’s plenty of clever stuff going on here. Learn about laminar flow, combustion and electricity.  Kids up to 10 should be fairly enthralled.

Take the Family for a Fun Day Out

It’s family friendly. There are ramps and lifts, so pushchairs aren’t a problem.  There are plenty of loos.

Celebrate a Birthday at Sci Bono

Sci Bono’s kids parties are awesome.  Kids love the explosive science show.  Even when the party’s over, guests can stay on at the Discovery Centre and continue exploring.

Drink Coffee at Sci Bono

They sell coffee. Coffee is important, particularly on a Sunday morning when your kids have dragged you round this science haven.

Sci Bono is Pocket Friendly

Compared to other family outings in Jo’burg it’s inexpensive.  Please check the website for current prices.

See Exciting Exhibitions at Sci Bono Discovery Centre

There’s almost always something new to see, so it’s worth visiting more than once. For example, right now, the internationally famous Body Worlds is exhibiting from 1 March until 19 June 2016.

Group of children looking at electronic roaring dinosaur at Sci Bono Discovery Centre Johannesburg


Visit Sci Bono Discovery Centre’s website for more information.


Children Peering through the glass doors at Sci Bono Discover Centre Johannesburg



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