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Scotland vs South Africa Rugby – Supermarket Special

South Africans are gearing up for their Rugby World Cup match against Scotland today.  Locals are already strutting their stuff in green and gold.  Our son, (who is technically a quarter Scottish and an eighth South African) is firmly routing for the Boks.

Pickle is ready to support ‘his’ team.

Somewhere he has a Scotland rugby shirt gifted by his rugby-fan grandfather (thanks Dad).  Mr Incredible (three quarters English and one quarter South African) has often threatened to use said shirt as a dishrag.  I have, of course, forbidden such disrespectfulness.

In the meantime total indoctrination has been taking place at Pickle’s school.  I was reprimanded on Monday.  Severely reprimanded for missing ‘our team’ playing last weekend.  Pickle has also brought home a neatly coloured in springbok which needs to be cut out and glued onto his neatly coloured in green and gold rugby ball so that he can wave it during the match.

He’s not normally too bothered about colouring in.  This was clearly a whole different ball game.  He’s also been eyeing up the flags and shirts that some guy was selling by the roadside.

I’ve been eyeing up the Rugby Supermarket Special.  It was a buy one get one free with a South African twist: Buy one biltong, get one wine free.  Wine offerThe Longmarket Sauvignon Blanc was practically sold out, but there was plenty of Merlot and plenty of biltong.  It was definitely a rugby related offer, the sticker on the biltong said “Enjoy the Game”.

Biltong offer

It’s a NO from me. I’m sticking with regular grape flavour.

The other random item I saw on the shelves a few days ago was Cotton Candy flavoured grapes.  Weird.  No other word for it.  Cotton Candy Grapes

Who are you supporting in the Rugby World Cup?  The more countries you’ve lived in, the tougher it gets to pick just one team to follow.

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