Lunar Eclipse, South Africa

Blood Moon Buffoon

Blood Moon Monday, Johannesburg.  I leapt out of bed at 4.30 am, cameras (yes multiple cameras from point-and-press – my usual modus operandus – to a complicated multi-lens version that I don’t actually have a clue how to use) at the ready to capture the supermoon lunar eclipse.


I was being considerate and trying not to wake the rest of the family. I couldn’t work out how to switch camera on in the dark and was stumbling about hefting doors open. Eventually, I switched a camera on and took some photos. They were rubbish.

I didn’t look quite how I had expected.

More buffoonery:

I reluctantly woke Mr Incredible for camera assistance. We were struggling to see the blood moon. Mr I went to get the telescope. It turns out the eye piece was missing. The handy work, no doubt, of The Pickle.

The Ultimate Blood Moon Buffoon:

Every schoolchild (including our own little pair) knows full well that that earth goes around the sun and the moon goes around the earth and that the sun, moon and stars shift about in the sky.

“Are you SURE we’re looking in the right direction?” Queried Mr Incredible.

“Yes yes yes, that’s where the moon was last night.”  Said the Blood Moon Buffoon.

“But you know that it won’t be in the same place as when you went to sleep. …..Don’t you? Do you think we should be looking on the other side of the house?”

“Sugar Honey Ice and Tea.” Said the B.M.B.

My morning-addled brain had not quite managed to deduce this basic and vital fact.

We quickly decamped to the opposite side of the house and sure enough, there was the moon – laughing at me.


The end results of my photographic endeavours consist of numerous wobbly photos of a very bright and as-yet-unidentified-star on the wrong side of the house and the tail end of the mocking blood moon on the right side. The silver, or in this instance blood soaked lining, is that the world hasn’t ended yet and even if it had done I would have been looking in completely the wrong direction when it did and more or less missed the Apocalypse.


Where in the world are you and what’s your blood moon story?

2 thoughts on “Blood Moon Buffoon”

  1. At least you have some pictures. I was a little last minute about it … camera not charged … and apparently my iPhone didn’t have sufficient memory for photos! Hasty deletions (including some loving family memories) still didn’t get my iPhone working. I then concluded the pictures would probably look rubbish, so went back to sleep!


    1. Oh no, I hope the photos you deleted weren’t too precious and irreplaceable. It’s a relief to find I’m not the only one who made a boo boo. I hope you at least saw the moon though?


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