O is for One in a Million expat partner in the a to z of expat life on a map of Japan and Okinawa
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The One in a Million Expat Partner

On why expat partners and trailing spouses are pretty flipping fantastic.

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Happy Expat Wife, Happy Expat Life: 5 Expat Life Strategies

A happy expat wife, husband, partner or spouse is an essential ingredient to having a happy expat life. So happy expat wife equals happy expat life. See how I adapted a well-known adage by throwing the word 'expat' in there? I would even go as far as to say that it’s MORE true that the original… Continue reading Happy Expat Wife, Happy Expat Life: 5 Expat Life Strategies


Sterling Work III

This is the last post about Jewellery making for the time being, I promise. Project 4: Multi-way necklace I saw a lady wearing this necklace: I thought is was stunning, so I made my own version: I think this is my favourite creation so far and I've had some kind compliments. Project 5: Lapiz Ring I decided… Continue reading Sterling Work III

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Sterling Work: Silver Jewellery Creations

Yesterday I detailed the first Hot Metal project I made at Jewellery School.  It took me months. I’m gradually speeding up and have since made a few more pieces. Project 2: Silver Collar Stiffeners This was a quick and easy project. I decided I would make a little something for my jewellery benefactor (Mr Incredible) to keep him sweet.… Continue reading Sterling Work: Silver Jewellery Creations

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Hot Metal: Starting Jewellery School

How does an expat wife fill her time with a ‘not permitted to work’ clause attached to their visa?  One way is to pick a shiny new hobby that you wouldn't have the time or opportunity to take up in your home country.  It gets you out of the house, you meet new people and adds much… Continue reading Hot Metal: Starting Jewellery School