Easter, gold, Johannesburg, South Africa

New Gold Rush in Johannesburg!

The first Gold Rush in Johannesburg, known as the Witwatersrand Gold Rush, took place in 1886. Indeed, gold is the magic that pumped through the earth’s veins giving life to Johannesburg on land that was otherwise not suitable to attract and sustain a large human population. Primarily, Johannesburg is an unsuitable place for a city,… Continue reading New Gold Rush in Johannesburg!

Johannesburg, Water

Water Awareness

It was gold, not water that drew people here in droves. Johannesburg is the only major city in the world that is not built close to a large source of water. Landlocked, it is about as far from the sea as it could be in South Africa and there are no large rivers or lakes here.… Continue reading Water Awareness


Soweto: Place of Much Rain

In the early days of Johannesburg, the township of Soweto mushroomed in tandem with the surrounding gold mines housing labourers in dire overcrowded hostels.  Heavy downpours were frequent and would flood the mine-works, so it was known as Place of Much Rain….or more affectionately, So Wet Oh!     Soweto Then and Now No, not really, Soweto IS a… Continue reading Soweto: Place of Much Rain