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The Panorama Route – A Photographer’s Sweetshop

Have you heard of Mpumalanga's Panorama Route?  It's a South African gem, less polished than Cape Town with its sapphire waters and its neighbouring wine lands with their citrine and ruby wines, less well known than the emerald green Garden route, less of a rough diamond than Johannesburg, but a gem nevertheless.  It's an area often sidelined as… Continue reading The Panorama Route – A Photographer’s Sweetshop


Soweto: Place of Much Rain

In the early days of Johannesburg, the township of Soweto mushroomed in tandem with the surrounding gold mines housing labourers in dire overcrowded hostels.  Heavy downpours were frequent and would flood the mine-works, so it was known as Place of Much Rain….or more affectionately, So Wet Oh!     Soweto Then and Now No, not really, Soweto IS a… Continue reading Soweto: Place of Much Rain