The Big 4 – part II

Sorry, I’m not quite done writing about the bush yet.  Here we continue on our safari quest to spot the Big 5 (or in our case the Big 4).

Game Drive 2:

Guide: “What would you like to try to see today?”

Us:       “A leopard please.”

We set off with high spirits, very much hoping to spot one.


En route to leopard territory our guide stopped and pointed out a curvy trail through the sand. “What do you think made this kind of trail kids?” she quizzed. I bit my tongue, desperate to shout out the correct answer. “Er, a rhino?” said one of the children. “Try again”, said the guide. I’m now bursting to shout out “it’s a snake track, ha ha, it’s so obvious, can’t you see it’s a snake shaped trail made by a snake. Easy peasy.”.

“Is it an elephant?” asked one of the children. “Doh” I thought to myself.

“Yes, that’s right, well done” said the guide. “The elephant sometimes drags its trunk along the ground leaving this kind of wavy mark”. I nodded enthusiastically as if I had known the answer all along and said nothing.

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The Big Four

Ages ago I wrote about spotting The Big 2.5 on safari. Yes, I realise that the idea is to spot the Big 5, but we only spotted half of them last time. You can read more about that little adventure HERE.


We just had another bash in the bush recently and came away with a much improved result – 4 out of 5.


So which of the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo) did we see this time?

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Random Jo’burg Roundup

It’s silly season.  The carol reel is looping in the shops, the Christmas biscuits in pretty tins have been shining on the shelves for weeks and everything has gone into warp speed with the end of the year looming.  Contractors and government departments will imminently shut up shop for the long Christmas holiday. Sitting down to write keeps dropping down the priority list.

However, this week I’ve come across 5 random things which I’ve cobbled together into a short post to share with you.

I’m calling it my Random Jo’burg Roundup.

1. Genius Gift Idea:  You might remember me telling you about the power cuts we had during the winter months and the culinary (and other) challenges they posed.  You can read about our power cut problems here, here and here.

Yes, the power has been much much more reliable for weeks now, but winter will be back next May/June, so we need to stay prepared.  Well, it looks like good old Woolworths has risen to the challenge and produced a book specially for power cut cooking.

unplugged cook book

Glow in the Dark Power Cut Cook Book

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