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Win a copy of Knocked up Abroad Again

What you can win…

Our November 2019 book giveaway is a copy of Knocked up Abroad Again. Our October 2019 book giveaway (Culture Smart! Mexico) was unclaimed. I guess I don’t have too many (any?) readers in Mexico. Therefore, it will roll over and form part of the November prize. So you can win not 1, but 2 books this month. That’s literally a win-win.


Knocked up Abroad Again is a collection of true stories written by a group of women who have all experienced pregnancy, childbirth and/or parenthood overseas. Scattered across the globe the have experienced the full gamut of emotions.

Chapter 5, ‘Winging it in West Africa‘ is my contribution to the book. It’s my account of being an expectant and then new mother in Lagos, Nigeria whilst trying to avoid tropical diseases (my small child’s phase of shoe licking did nothing to quell my anxiety), field ‘helpful’ parenting tips from our steward Augustine (they weren’t helpful) and assess the perils of being pregnant in a Lagos traffic jam. 

How you can win

To enter all you have to do is drop me a note in the comments section below or on Facebook before the end of the month (November 2019).  Thanks so much.

Once the winner has been announced, they will need to supply a postal address that the book can be sent to. If they live somewhere with an unreliable postal system, they can provide a friend or relative’s address elsewhere.

Who’s featured in the book?

Lisa FerlandMargaret Ozemet, Lucille Abendanon, Olga MeckingAmanda van Mulligen, Debi Beaumont, Clara Wiggins, Jen Malia, Michelle Acker Perez, Cecile Dash, Rosemary Gillan, Erin Long, Cristina Pop and many more…..

What to do if you don’t win


No, I’m kidding, tears are absolutely not necessary, unless you are in fact knocked up abroad and feeling massively hormonal and homesick.

Firstly, if you don’t win the book but would absolutely love to get hold of a copy, you can buy one here. Be sure to check out Lisa Ferland’s other books while you’re there, well maybe not the public health tome, unless that’s your bag, in which case go right on ahead. As well as the original Knocked up Abroad Book Lisa has released two lovely children’s books this year.

And secondly, be sure to check back in the new year for another chance to win our final book giveaway. Up for grabs will be a shiny copy of Life on the Move.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below.


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